Sunday, May 26, 2013

So I spent most of today updating my books on all the sites.  Getting ready for the release of the last book in the Evensongs Trilogy.  I think I need to find someone who is bored, doesn't care if they get paid, and likes chatting on a bunch of different sites to help manage and market my books.  Just too much to keep track of, write and work a full time job.  Anyone know of someone that would find this fun let me know!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Grace of the Evensongs

Grace wished now that she had listened to her ma.  Ma had been proven to be right more times than not. She told her that someday she’d get tired of playing her guitar…right on that one.  She said someday she would hear the planets…that had proven correct. She said someday she would find the love of her life…and Grace had. She had said that someday her adventures would land her somewhere she didn’t want to be.  Her ma had been proven right about everything, however, it was the “Be careful what you wish for, Grace; the universe has an odd way of granting wishes,” that made her pause. ‘Ma, you were so very right,’ she thought for the hundredth time.
This novella is the prequel to The Evensongs Trilogy – Book 3, a bridge between the endings of both ‘Quest of the Evensongs’ and ‘Lost in the Evensongs’.   Spoiler alert for those who haven’t read the first two books in the Trilogy. 
Grace’s story, stuck inside the Evensongs with only the twins, Beci and Von able to see or hear her.  Her wish is granted in a manner she would have never dreamed of and now she has the task of helping her class mates Pii, Dawn, Sisko, Genni and Aly find their way back into the real world.  The question that haunts her waking nightmare is not if she can save them, but will she be able to save herself, along with the two raucous twins? 

Available now on

Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Vacation Bible School Curriculum - Camp Where Ya Going.

Camp Where Ya Going ~ A Vacation Bible School Curriculum

So I published a new book today.  I wrote this quite a few years ago for my wonderful home church.  (Miss them!)  Thought it was about time I shared it with others to create their own Bible Adventure Week. 

 All the proceeds are going to help my daughter Nikki travel to Italy next year.  She drew the cover for this book, along with many others for my writings.  

Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Evensongs Trilogy

New Covers for "The Evensongs Trilogy" coming out May 26, 2012 

Nikki Cummings has created new and updated covers for this series of books.  
I personally love them!  
In addition, there has been some re-writing completed on
 "Lost in the Evensongs" (I just felt there needed to be a tighter story)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

New Release ! The Ivy Chronicles

Keep Searching, Searching
Book three of The Ivy Chronicles

Hit this morning!  A wonderful story, unique and fun to read!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Given up on Barnes & Noble

A large Thank you to Amazon & tons of Boos to Barnes and Noble

Being an Indie author has its ups and downs.  If its not hard enough to get your work out there, you have book stores that just pretend to want to sale your books.  I spent over 15 years sending my works into to every large publishing house I could find.  What a joke...unless you are already a 'name' or know someone, forget it, they won't even read your letter submitting your work.  Not once were my submissions even opened, let alone read.

So being an Indie author is pretty cool, if not frustrating at times.  When I first started, I published on all the sites, had my books everywhere, on every type of device, every single medium there was for ebooks.  You know what I discovered?

Not one sale from any of the 'bookclub' sites,  seems to be full of mostly authors trying to push their own works.  Some small sales from Smashwords (do like them), and pretty good sales from Amazon.  Barnes & Noble?  2 books, 2 freaking books in 6 months!  There is no way to promote your work available to Indie authors (that I could find anyway) from them.

So I go into the local store and ask if they have days set aside for local ebook or hard bound authors to do 'meet and greets'.  A very snotty sales lady said 'Ah no, we post a list of authors, but not ebook authors'.

So I ask nicely (my friend who was with me, might differ if I was nice or not) if they would ever consider it, thinking maybe I could get a group of us together and do some self promotions (might help nook sales too).  The response, 'No, well maybe, leave your number and we'll get back to you'.   So I think it might help if I show her my books on their nook.  The lady didn't even know how to use the nook and once she did figure out how to turn it on, none of the searches brought up my books.

We discovered that the name of the book had to be entered in exactly correctly as well as my pen name.  No extra spaces or periods.  We finally found it, little good it did.  So now I know why only 2 books sold on Barnes and one can find my books on their site.  Needless to say I was pretty miffed by time I left that day.  So goodbye Barnes and Noble.

I switched to 100%, pulled all my books from all other sites and guess what?  I've sold more books in three weeks on Amazon than I did on all the other sites combined for six months.

Hats off to you, you have my backing 100%  !!

C.R. Cummings

New Book "Keep Searching, Searching" !!!!

“Keep Searching, Searching”  : by C.R. Cummings
The Ivy Chronicles 3

Life is pretty awesome for Ivy Glenwood now.   She has gotten away from her abusive mother, her Grand-dad has returned and she’s found some genuine friends.  Living in the hemlock forest with a bunch of hottie druids and her best friend Margo, she is learning that being a fey with cool powers is not half bad. 

That is until the fey Elders have to mess everything up.  They demand that Ivy attend school in the fey realm to become a ‘proper’ fey; while Zack’s dad wants him to join the battle against the Eilibears. 

Nothing is ever as it seems and evil doesn’t always hide in the heart of darkness, as they both discover. 

This is the third book in The Ivy Series.  

Meet Ivy for the first time in “Run, Run, Run Away -The Ivy Chronicles 1”.  The tale expands in “The Hemlock Forest - The Ivy Chronicles 2”  and now C.R. Cummings latest book in the series ,“Keep Searching, Searching - The Ivy Chronicles 3”,   gives us more of Ivy’s adventures, with the dread-lock sporting hunk, Zack, and her closest friend, Margo, by her side.

Look for the newest book by C.R. Cummings coming May 15, 2012 on